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Create Your Ideal Adventure Vacation

Are you driven by your love of culture and adventure and seeing the greater world beyond where you live? Fernweh is the German word for homesickness for a place you've never been and that's something we really connect with here at Cobbles & Clover. 

Here are some trips we've curated and experienced first hand with our friends and family that we hope will inspire you.  Get in touch with us and we'll conspire to make your travel imaginings a reality. 



Italy, where to begin? There are so many incredible options which is probably why we have so many clients who reach out when they feel overwhelmed. They know they'd like to go to Italy but they can't narrow down where because there are so many amazing destinations to chose from. Luckily we've planned plenty of them so let us help - Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena, Positano, Sorrento, Cinque Terre, Lake Como. The intricacies of the tours, museum tickets, private drivers, trains, hotels - we've researched it all and experienced plenty so we're here to help you plan the perfect Italian getaway that's just right for you.



Wyoming's stunning beauty will captivate you from the moment you arrive. Start your adventure in Jackson, a humming little town with funky stores and great restaurants. There's plenty to keep you busy.  You can't beat the fun of the rodeo or perhaps you'd enjoy whitewater rafting down the Snake River with the Grand Teton mountains as your backdrop. Or are hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, and fishing on your list? Those looking for a true western experience will find their happy place at one of the many gorgeous dude ranches in Jackson Hole. Yellowstone is just a couple of hours away and can be visited as a day trip. Wyoming's greatest treasure is her natural beauty - whether stumbling across bison, bears or moose or enjoying dinner on an island right under the Tetons, Wyoming is the perfect escape to nature.



Croatia offers something for everyone: adventurers, history buffs and foodies delight! This small country's fascinating history comes to life as you wander through the amazingly preserved old towns of Dubrovnik and Split. Nature lovers will enjoy day trips to Plitvice Lakes National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) or the stunning Krka National Park. Foodies must try the Dalmatian peka, a dish with meat or seafood and vegetables which is slowly baked for hours in the embers of a fireplace. Or perhaps some fresh oysters plucked right from the water in Ston. Any visitor to Croatia must get out on the water to explore her many islands, whether for a day trip or a weeklong catamaran charter. From quaint little island villages to sophisticated islands with humming nightlife, the rugged beauty and crystal clear water of the Croatian islands are sure to please.



What's the most captivating aspect of a trip to Greece? The plethora of ancient sites and incredible culture, the warm and friendly people eager to welcome you to their country or the amazing cuisine that keeps on coming! Why not enjoy it all by beginning in Athens, taking in the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, munching your way through Souvlaki Row for lunch, and exploring the hilltop neighborhood of Anafiotika, overlooking it all.

After taking it all in, head north to the heavenly site of the Oracle at Delphi where it's easy to step back in time and imagine the travelers from the ancient world arriving to hear the prophecies. After a day of reliving the ancient past, dine on some of the tastiest horiatiki and moussaka while gazing down onto the Bay of Corinth. There are so many places to stop and explore, let us plan the perfect Grecian vacation for you. 



It's difficult to put Africa into words - you just have to experience it.  The thrill of seeing animals in the wild for the first time is one of life's truly special moments. Each day is different as you rise early to catch the animals at their most active. With a cozy blanket and a hot cup of coffee, you'll head out in your safari vehicle, not knowing what incredible sights await you...a herd of elephants, a lioness with her cub, or perhaps a rare sighting of a leopard with its kill? You'll return to camp for a siesta before heading out for another game drive and a spectacular African sunset. Camp itself is a treat - beautiful tents furnished with comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms, delicious meals, and cozy nights around the campfire sharing your tales of the day.  An African safari is an adventure of a lifetime.


Andalusian Spain

The fascinating history, culture, architecture, oh and the food - it’s hard to say what’s most enchanting about a trip to Andalusia! Seville is a great place to spend a few days getting to know the area. Tour the Alcazar, climb the Giralda Tower and take in an incredible Flamenco Show. Dine on endless, sumptuous tapas and seafood dishes!  We’ve even been known to sample a cheese and fig ice cream cone - delicious! Now onto to Malaga, touring its cathedral, taking in the incredible Picasso museum and then climbing to the top of the fabulous Alcazaba to take in the view and drink in the past. Next why not drive to up into the magical hilltop town of Ronda. As you enter the village, stop and tour the Mondragon Palace with its fragrant boxwood gardens and views of the gorge that will leave you breathless. Continue on to the infamous bullring and charming town full of restaurants to fill you up with tapas to keep you going! Next onto Granada. We’ll help guide you through the gorgeous old town whether you want to browse the alcaiceria, the grand bazaar, or tour the cathedral. Lastly, the Alhambra, this moorish masterpiece and gardens is the perfect way to end an adventure to Andalusia.


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco offers so much to do that you could easily spend a long weekend exploring the city proper or extend your time here with day trips to last an entire week. The ferry ride out to Alcatraz and the audio tour is a must-do for any group of travelers. More of San Francisco’s history comes alive with an interactive tour through the San Francisco Dungeon or visit Pier 39 to see the sea lions basking in the sun and ride the vintage two story carousel. Or perhaps a guided tour of of the city in an iconic VW Hippie Bus complete with blue seats, beaded curtains, and shag carpets is more your speed! 
Food lovers can partake in any number of delectable treats the city has to offer. Take a cable car to Chinatown for authentic dim sum or stop in to the Bourdin Bakery on Fisherman's Wharf to sample a delicious sourdough bread creation. Work off your treats walking through the gorgeous Golden Gate park and visiting a favorite stop at the Japanese Tea Garden. If your group includes sports fans, you’re in luck - catch a SF Giants ballgame at Oracle Park in a beautiful spot along the bay or football fans may want to make their way to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara for a 49ers game. 
If you have more time to spend, we’ll help you map out adventures further afield in Carmel, Sausalito & Monterey. There’s much to explore in this beautiful part of California.

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