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Was the apt title our teenaged traveling companions named our group text we used for the duration of our week long Amsterdam and Brugge adventure this past April. 3 days in each was the perfect amount of time to soak up the sights and ambiance in each city. Amsterdam provided a nice balance of things to go and do with timed tickets a must for the Anne Frank, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Dutch Resistance Museums and not for the faint of heart Sex Museum (no advance tickets for the latter two) and then time to relax with an enjoyable canal cruise spent nibbling bitterballen while being regaled with tales of the history of this wonderful place or wandering the shops of the Nine Little Streets. Do not miss the opportunity to partake in the 17-course rijstaffel

- an Indonesian feast which is a must do in Amsterdam.

On to Brugge...while pressured to see fewer blockbuster sights, we found it was a city where it was easy to be out all day long. We left in the morning with the intention of returning to our abode at some point each day and yet by late afternoon we'd find ourselves stopping for another beer to tide us over before our dinner rez rather than popping back to our apartment. It's just a comfortable place to be out and about and the constant snacking on chocolate, frites and Belgian beer was likely a contributing factor! We enjoyed another canal cruise, climbing the Belfry Tower, Groeninge Museum and the gorgeous Basilica of the Holy Blood. A visit to the Choco Story and Frites Museum are also fun for an afternoon.

Both cities were crowded in April and it was peak tulip season. We drove by the Keukenhof gardens which were hopping and we were able to see magnificent fields aglow with vibrant color so if that's your thing, this is the time to go. The smell alone was incredible but be prepared for Disney sized crowds and tour busses. We were content to get a glimpse and keep on moving. We did head north of Amsterdam and visit the Zaanse Schanse "on our way" to Brugge which was a nice way to spend a few hours - touristy but entertaining. The windmills and houses which have been relocated here and preserved are certainly a delight to explore and stepping into those giant wooden clogs for a photo op was fun for our littlest traveler! The entire trip was thoroughly enjoyable for our two families whose members' ages ranged from 7-50.

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