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Deciding how to spend your time on vacation

They say time is money and it's never more true than when you're on vacation. Between the cost of traveling, spending hard earned time off and the desire to squeeze as much out of your vacation as possible, it's understandable to feel the pressure of deciding what to do while away. Our clients seem to have various philosophies ranging from, "I'm here so I need to see EVERYTHING" to "I'm on vacation and I don't want a schedule".

While there is certainly no right or wrong way to vacation, we think the only mistake one can make is wanting to enjoy the splendors of where you are and not having a plan. That doesn't mean that every second of the day needs to be scripted, far from it! Having a plan means that when you wake up in a new, wonderfully exciting place ripe for exploration, you don't waste any time figuring out what to do. Being spontaneous is fabulous but many places still have pretty strict timed ticket entry policies as well as droves of people excited to get back at it after years at home resulting in long waits for non-ticket holders.

Our approach is to listen to how our clients really want to spend their time and then craft an itinerary that's perfectly balanced. Don't want to rush from place to place? How about one booked activity a day. Not only does that help you experience where you are but a little structure in a day can actually help with doing things on the fly. If you know you have a guided museum or food tour at 2pm, you have to get going on something else first, even if that something else is sitting on the beach. We believe that you should have an itinerary but also the ability to follow a whim (or that cobblestoned path) when the opportunity presents itself. Being prepared helps you relax while you're away knowing you're spending you precious time exactly how you'd hoped.

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