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Traveling with Kids

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We always enjoyed venturing off around the world during our lives pre-kids (was there ever such a time?) and that wasn't about to stop once we added wee ones to our families! Does it make logistics a little more challenging? Sure! Should you alter your itinerary a little bit? Yep! Is it really worth it? Absolutely! Let us know if we can help you navigate the waters of family travel and in the meantime, here are some tips...

While we did Disney and Universal once or twice, nothing wrong with that, when our kids reached a certain age, we were off and running to places we really wanted to go and more importantly, wanted to share with the little people we love the most. Hey, we taught them how to use a spoon so it only makes sense to teach them about the broader world and how to travel within it. There's nothing quite like witnessing your daughter, whose 5th birthday party was Paris-themed, see the Eiffel Tower for the first time at age 7. I'll admit that when she squealed with delight, I cried a few happy tears!

Speaking of Paris, let's use that city as an example. Here's what worked for us - first, an apartment vs a hotel. We had a little kitchen and could make an easy breakfast before heading out for the day. Our bigger meal would be lunch and the miles on those little legs earned every bite of those frites! By late afternoon when, let's face it, even those of us with longer legs were wiped out, we'd buy a baguette and various cheeses and meats from the lovely shops and head back to our apartment. Is this what I'd do without kids? Probably not but it was perfect for our family when the last thing we wanted was to spend a couple hours at a restaurant.

Another strategy that worked for us in Paris (and many European cities) was to alternate museums or more culturally sophisticated excursions with traditionally kid friendly activities. There's nothing like a romp through a playground like the Ludo Jardin, located in the fabulous Jardin du Luxembourg or a bounce on the trampolines in the Tuileries to rejuvenate your kids before heading into the next museum! Smaller venues are also a hit like the Musée de L'Orangerie. This museum is on the smaller scale (compared to the Louvre, what isn't?) which is perfect for potentially shorter attention spans and yet packs a big cultural punch.

The last but not least of the practices that have helped us with younger travelers is to always have a special little snack on the horizon. We've been known to walk between 9-12 miles a day on these trips so a mid-morning hot chocolate and mid-afternoon pastry or ice cream are well deserved! Plus it's an opportunity to stop and relax with the locals while taking in the scenery.

Much to our delight, our kids have become seekers of adventure and lovers of many cultures from around the world. They are fearless (but street smart!) about trying new things and exploring different places - an outcome well worth any amount of effort and the joy we've had traveling together over the years!

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